Mobelsa offers a range of products covering all office furniture and common area furniture needs

Mobelsa's business is defined by our teams' expertise, thanks to their experience, as well as by their flexibility.

Mobelsa can adapt to the needs of each of its clients through an approach involving enhanced listening and understanding for each project.

As a mid-sized firm, the company is also highly competitive because it has an extensive network of suppliers, from which we select the best solution based on our clients' expectations.

Our Vision

Collaboration – Partnership

Adapt your workspaces to your corporate culture so your teams can fully flourish.

Our Mission

Study – Innovation

Implementing all our resources to provide a satisfying solution to your needs in terms of personalisation, design, budget and time.



Our History

Mobelsa is a family business founded in 1989

It began by selling office furniture, and very quickly diversified into these sectors :

- Flooring

- Partitions and false ceilings

- Acoustic solutions

- Lighting

- Creation of communal spaces

- Managing the use of space in shared areas

- Consultation and execution of designs on behalf of their clients

These services make it possible to support clients more effectively, so that they have the best solutions at the best price.

The Team

Our team of experts works in coordination and relentlessly to the realization of your projects

All our collaborators are qualified interior designers who analyse our clients' needs in detail.

They ensure the realisation of space plans, render designs in 3D, and present solutions in a clear and comprehensible way.

Rino Saragossi

Managing Director

Analysis of your Needs

Senior Project Manager with 30 years' experience developing spaces and simultaneously executing projects of all types and sizes.

Valérie Lettany

Interior Designer

Solution Proposal

Designer and Senior Project Manager specialising in the analysis and creative design of complete projects (space planning, design, technical file, budgets, etc.) as well as the management of public contracts.

Sarah Zorman

Interior Designer

Realization and Organization

Designer and Project Manager specialising in the analysis and creative design of complete projects and in charge of site planning, team management, deliveries and after-sales service.

Rachelle Saragossi

Civil Engineer

Realization and Construction

Manager in charge of special techniques, coordinating various contributors and site monitoring.


Analysis of your Needs

After analysing its clients' corporate culture, Mobelsa helps them define the allocation of their spaces, by drawing up a list of needs for space planning, partitioning, flooring, lighting, acoustic solutions, ventilation, cabling and furniture.

Solution Proposal

Mobelsa's teams then submit detailed plans of the prospective spaces, as well as a complete solution containing the technical descriptions in the form of a price schedule and an implementation file.

Realization and Construction

After approval of the plans and budgets, Mobelsa gives the go-ahead to its various professional contractors, who will carry out the projects in accordance with the final designs and within the given timeframe, thanks to our customised deals.

Field of Activity

Reception Area

Office Setup


Meeting Room

Office Manager








Workspace Solutions

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Cellphone: +32 (0)495 18 88 15

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